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How to Ask Your Boss for a Salary Increase Successfully

To ask your boss to increase your salary isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the rising cost of living, you may think a small bump in your salary is great. Maybe you’re already exerting effort to excel in your job, but a salary increase is still dim. However, a pay raise doesn’t come knocking at your door. Either a personal style or a salary increase letter is your best pick. Request for a pay raise draws you to take risks. It’s much harder than just giving your monthly report. Take care in choosing your words in your request for salary increase since a single error can hurt your job. You’ll find useful and proven tips on how to get that salary increase you want.

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What is a Salary Increase?

A salary increase is an increment or a raise on your pay as an employee. Most workers ask for a salary increase; however, it depends on your company’s protocol and status.

Who to Ask for a Pay Raise

Administrative and financial staff controls this matter. You can ask your team leader, supervisor, manager, or department head to find out who handles pay, bonuses, and money matters. Besides, you must consider who to approach. If you’re still clueless, go to your human resources department.

When to Ask for a Salary Increase

Your personal troubles aren’t a good reason for a salary increase. Buying a new phone or moving into a new house isn’t a valid reason, too. First, ask yourself if you get less pay for the extra workload. You may have excelled and done extra effort to meet your tasks and contribute to the company’s growth. Although, a few firms offer a salary increase every year, you may say you can’t wait any longer. However, before you ask for the increase, check your company’s status, your timing, and your worth. Consider fiscal struggles or outlays before asking for a raise. In fact, you earn from the company, so respect its standing and don’t be selfish.
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Five Proven Steps to Asking for a Salary Increase

Step 1: Research your market

It won’t cost you to research on how much should be your salary increase. Check ideas on online salary stats to find out how much your job earns. In particular, ask your co-workers to give you valid ideas. In addition, go through your company’s rule for a salary raise and promotions.

Step 2: Prepare your request

Once done with your research, set your pay based on your worth. Soon after, write a salary increase letter to support your claim. First, address your request for salary increase from the proper personnel. Then, list your contributions and accomplishments to the firm’s growth. You can tell if your salary is possible based on your study. Likewise, justify your worth by stating your condition, work effort, and the sum equal to your tasks. Enough data is your best asset to support your request.

Step 3: Ask for a schedule to discuss your agenda

Ask your boss if he/she can spare time to talk to him or her in person or chat. Set your timing and consider their mood. Remember, you’re requesting for a meeting; thus, ask politely.

Step 4: Negotiate

If you’re able to set a quick talk, converse professionally and avoid sounding too arrogant. Otherwise, if you’re not ready to lose your job, then have a goal. In addition, express your thoughts and explain why you’re worthy of the salary increase.

Step 5: Be open to change

It won’t be easy to win your request. However, you can take conditions from your boss and be open to negotiations. Otherwise, stand your ground professionally while considering the changes.

How to Write a Salary Increase Request Letter

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In writing your salary increase letter, create sections to have a formal approach and use them to write a powerful request.

Address, Subject Line, and Greetings

Place your request for a salary increase here. Write your letter after you requested for a personal talk. On the subject line, tell your purpose. Therefore, write your salary increase request right below the address. Your subject line should be direct and clear.


Your research should be the first part of your intro. Since you already mentioned your agenda, your letter must give supporting details. This will support your claim and is a key to getting the pay raise you want.

Accomplishments and Work Effort

Aside from market research, your accomplishments and work efforts will amplify your worth for the pay increase. Besides, your boss may check your contributions to the company to see if you deserve it. Show what you’ve been doing and the effort you’re exerting to go beyond your limitations.

Conclusion and Signature

To end your salary increase letter, seal it by restating your request and telling them you respect their decision. Convince your boss you’re worthy in two to three sentences. Thank him/her, and then finish it with your complete name, position, and signature.

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Yes, asking for a salary raise could be frightening. You may have prepared well and laid all your assets, but it still gives you the jitters. Remember, you must ask nicely, state your claim, and support your agenda. Also, be careful of your word usage unless you want to lose your job.

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