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Hilarious Things Employees Do When Their Boss Is Not Around

There are many employees who’ve easily forgotten the panic-mode and fear-filled days they had before they got into their jobs. After being employed for quite some time, the excellence and integrity they have flaunted during application seemed to have diminished, especially when their boss is not around. Are you among the mice that play when the cat is away? Read on and see if you are guilty to any of these weird things that employees do when their boss is not around.

10 Weird Things Employees Do When The Boss Is Out

1. Arriving late for work.

Some employees, whose bosses are on a holiday spree, snub the sounds of their alarm clocks. Who cares if they are late for work? They would make the most of the “snooze button” and take up that extra 30 minutes of sleeping time no matter what.

2. Taking the world’s longest lunch break.

Why would employees take a “working lunch” if they can go to a nice restaurant, eat in slow motion, go shopping, and run errands? To cover up for this, some would even have lunch with a client and file for a refund.

3. Refusing to answer calls.

Most workers don’t answer phone calls when their chiefs aren’t around. They are still reachable by e-mail anyway. Well, occasionally.

4. Going to the restroom every hour.

Do you ever wonder why some girls don’t take restroom breaks alone and why they spend so much time inside? Now you know the answer.

5. Avoiding any key decision making.

Disciples of procrastination, these workers play safe and dodge any decision-making activity. They use their “lack of power” as an excuse and often tell clients to wait for their boss to come back instead of making a decision.

6. Coming to work drunk or with a hangover.

After partying all night, coming to work drunk or with a hangover is the best choice these happy-go-lucky staffs can ever think of.

7. Prolonging a task.

These minions justify their productivity by completing a major task while their bosses are away. Unfortunately, they only do a few and spend the remaining time (probably 3 out of 5 working days) chatting with coworkers on non-related topics or surfing the Internet.

8. Booking online reservations.

Who would not want fast and free browsing in the office? Many employees appreciate this so they enjoy the rewards and book train tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurant reservations. It’s free Internet all the way!

9. Watching movies online.

Besides browsing and making reservations, watching movies online can be a great past time for some underlings, too. They love to download the films at work, as well, so they could continue their movie marathons at home.

10. Leaving work early.

Arriving late and leaving early make a perfect combo for some employees. They believe that “unfinished work can wait until tomorrow,” well at least while their boss is away.

Though hilarious, these habits are a sure no-no to you as an employee trusted with responsibilities, no matter how big or small they are. When everything seems to be going monotonous or difficult, go back to the days when you have prayed and exerted efforts to get to where you are now.

Be an inspiration to those who are aspiring to get into the workforce or into a new job. Live out the best version of yourself that you have written down on your professional resume. Writing services abound online should you need an expert to prepare it for you. They can tone down your weird habits and show your best self in your job application.

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