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woman job seeker heeding video interview tips for her job hunt
Career Tips

Video Interview Tips to Succeed in Your Job Hunt

Just like anything in this world, recruitment processes change. Before the pandemic, video interviews were emerging from one company to another, bringing additional benefits (as …

resume prime job interview advice
Job Search Needs

Job Interview Advice and Tips to Beat a Bad One

It’s hard to say whether you’re doing well in a job interview or not, but it’s even more difficult to read the interviewer’s body language. …

group job interview tips
Job Search Needs

10 Smart and Useful Tips to Stand Out in a Group Job Interview

A job interview gives you the chance to prove you’re the right person for the position. It’s your chance, too, to impress the hiring manager. …

man on his laptop writing his skills for resume
Resume Writing Tips

80+ Key Skills for Resume Writing on 2021 Top Industries (with Expert Tips)

In resume writing, it’s honestly easy to list all the skills you think you have (or those you’ve searched on Google). It surely is tempting …

Job search tips on how to discuss disability in resume
Job Search Needs

Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Helen Keller, Nick Vujicic, Frida Kahlo, and Stephen Hawking are among the world’s best in their own fields, gaining them countless praises. They’ve changed the …

shaking hands - job interview tips
Job Search Needs

Ultimate Guide to Acing an Executive-Level Job Interview

When a bigger job opportunity presents itself, taking the leap becomes a crucial part of your career journey. In an executive job interview, you must …

a man in suit ready for his interview and he uses job application tips
Job Search Needs

9 Job Application Tips: Your Game Plan for a Successful Search

Do you need to find a job with no idea where to start or uncertain of your quest because you’re not used to doing it? …

a man giving highly-effective career tips to be a good employee
Career Tips

5 Highly-Effective Tips that Will Make You an Ace Employee

Having a job is a good thing but being genuinely happy with your career is totally a different story. Everyone dreams to work in a …

man dancing in the office
Career Tips

30 Career Tips You Probably Don’t Know About [Part 1]

The day you graduated from college is also the day you are welcomed in the “real” world where independence is your best companion. Your friends …

Handshake with interviewer
Job Search Needs

Does Your Interview Body Language Prevent Your Job Hunt Success?

When people tell you actions speak louder than words, sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes about this age-old advice. It tells you to …

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