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Essential Things Every Job Seeker Must Bring in a Job Interview

Congratulations on getting a job interview! Are you excited? According to, job interviews are more about preparation than execution. Meaning, the more prepared you are, the more you’ll nail it. So don’t show up unprepared. Take note of these essential job interview tools that you should bring:

Job Interview Tools to Bring

Resume Copies

It’s better prepared than sorry. The position you’re applying for may not require a resume, but it won’t hurt if you’ll still bring a copy for yourself and the interviewers. You never know – this might back you up to market yourself better.

Folder or Briefcase

Handing a crumpled or wet (thanks, sweaty palms!) resume won’t make you look professional. Plus you don’t want to be mortified mid-way to your destination, because you forgot your CV.  Put all your job search documents into a folder or briefcase so you’ll look organized during the interview.

Pen and Notepad

Pen and notepad are few of the most essential job interview tools that are often overlooked by job seekers. Thus, bringing your own pen and notepad will help you jot down important information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses to name a few.


Think and write down a few job interview questions you want to ask your recruiter, so you will not forget them. You may want to ask them about the following:

  • Company culture
  • Salary
  • Company challenges
  • Expectations


No questions should be asked. Just take one before your interview starts. You’ll thank us later. An extra job interview outfit can also be a lifesaver!

Business Card

It may not be necessary for some, but a business card is actually important. When you go out of the interview room, you’ll likely meet professionals and business people within the company who you can connect with.

UPDATED: More Essential Job Interview Tools to Bring:

Directions and Contact Information

Print out the directions to the location of your future job interview, and the contact information of the potential person you’re interviewing with. This is to make sure you will arrive to the said place on time, and you can get in touch with the interviewee if anything goes wrong.

Work Samples

If you’re applying to a job related to art, designing, modeling, or photography, consider bringing printed copies of your portfolio or work samples.

BONUS: What Not to Bring to a Job Interview


– Because simply you’re not a child anymore.


– No explanation needed. Plus, your potential hiring manager may be allergic to animal fur.


– You might spill it, they might offer you one, there might be nowhere to place the cup, and some employers think it’s rude.

A Rival Company’s Product

– Under any circumstances, don’t. This act is considered unprofessional, rude, and embarrassing.


– According to, one manager has a story about an applicant who ate her lunch during a meeting. She didn’t get the job. The lesson is, whether it’s virtual or in person, be professional and prepared.

Make sure you already have these essential job interview tools packed in your bag. Have you updated your resume yet? Give your resume a makeover with the help of our professional resume samples. For our high-quality resume writing services, contact us today and get a free consultation!

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