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4 Incredibly Easy Tips to Writing a Striking Professional Resume

Most people want to stay in their comfort zones. Yet, a few still avoid the “ordinary” and choose trouble to outshine others. The same can happen during a job search, too. A resume for professional job seekers may sound “cool” and “hip”. So, why settle for something ordinary when you can make yours bold and gutsy—even if you’re not creative? But then again, note the tips here to craft an attention-grabbing resume!

Tips on How to Make a Striking Resume for Professional Job Seekers

1) Be creative

This doesn’t mean you use green or blue ink for your document and print it on pink or neon-colored paper. Go for pearl white or off-white paper and black ink and turn it into a design-inspired piece. Likewise, change one section into an amazing infographic showing graphs, charts, lines, etc.

Ditch common fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Use chic, sharp, and modern fonts. If applicable, try curly and wavy ones to show you’re in the mood to be “funny” or “mysterious.” Use only a few font variations in your paper.

2) Tell your story

A design-inspired resume can tell a story, too, just as how textual content does. With it, you can work on your portfolio and share your focus, goals, competences, technical skills, languages spoken, and others. To make it easy, you may pull contents from your social media account or use apps to tell your stories. Divide them into simple sections, but keep your text on point.

3) Show your personality

You can give the recruiter a hint on your values and character through your resume. For example, you may use your favorite color for the texts and combine it with a black background. Likewise, you may use original designs and stuff related to you and your choices. These add a personal touch to your copy that will make it outstanding. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll lose your chances to land non-creative jobs.

4) Link to your portfolio

If you’re a techie person or are into multimedia, photography, and others, flaunt your works. In addition, include links to your online portfolio, so hiring managers can see your skills.

Apply these tips and be the best and “hippest” applicant! Further, make sure your “creativity” sends your message and eases your quest. These tips in making a striking resume for professional job workers will help you to be “cool” and “hip.” Further, these can be your keys to getting a job offer!

In case you’re having a hard time making your summary, ask help from expert writers. Resume Prime offers professional resume writing services to give you a tailored profile based on your target job.

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