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prospective employer expects an applicant to shake hands during interview.
Career Tips

Establishing Rapport with Your Prospective Employer

In the span of time you have to face your prospective employer, it’s normal to be nervous about it. There’s a pretty good chance that …

engineering resume writing mistakes to avoid
Resume Writing Tips

Engineering Resume Writing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career Blueprint

Can you still remember your first engineering project? Were you so clueless which bolt fits which nut? I bet you remember the happy dance you …

a man typing a mid-level resume in a laptop
Resume Writing Tips

Your Ultimate Guide to Writing a Mid-Level Resume Effectively

As you mature, your work experience add up and an entry-level resume doesn’t fit you anymore. Time will come when you have to shift to …

shaking hands for a successful job interview
Career Tips

How to Create a Resume that Entices and Amazes Employer

Sometimes, job seekers spend hours or even days in an attempt to create a “perfect” resume that aims to satisfy them and potential employers. They …

A man in the middle of the city suffering from job search rejection
Job Search Needs

4 Best Ways to Deal with Job Search Rejection

Job rejection could be disheartening, especially if you applied for your dream job and even reached the final interview phase. It could be as painful …

tell sales resume expert how to fix my resume today
Resume Writing Tips

Why I Sought Help to Fix My Resume for a Sales Career

Years ago, I was in your shoes, a career changer with an outdated resume. After seeking help from a resume critic, I thought to myself, …

how to make a job-winning resume
Resume Writing Tips

How to Make a Resume that Downplays Employment Gaps

Does your mediocre employment record make you hopeless over your desired return to the workforce? Hope it doesn’t. Whatever caused your despair and skepticism, be …

Are you struggling to create a cover letter to land your dream job? Resume Prime gives you a list of superb tips you can use in cover letter writing.
Career Tips

Here’s the Secret to an Effective Cover Letter in Job Hunting

Job-hunting is never easy. Along your journey, you must exhibit right techniques and job-seeking hacks to land your dream job. You’re quite familiar with job …

applicant thinking
Job Search Needs

7 Key Points to Consider in Declining a Job Offer

Saying “NO” to a job offer doesn’t come easy. Job seekers experience pressure a lot and guilt often builds up. But worry no more, because …

Job Search Needs

Job Search Advice to Find Your Way Out of Unemployment

Do you need help finding a job? Perhaps you have been jobless for too long and are clueless on where to start. Searching for a …

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