functional resume to edge out rivals

How a Functional Resume Can Help You Edge Out Your Rivals

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, writing a resume is an opportunity to show jobseeker’s best qualities and skills to the employer. It’s like a brief statement of someone’s personal background, professional experience, competitive strengths, and skills. The agency also states that a functional resume specifically highlights one’s best skills and minimizes elaboration on employment record. It is usually recommended for students and those with no working experience yet. For so many years now, many job aspirants make use of this type of pre-employment document.

The basic resume is usually written in chronological format. But if you haven’t got any professional practice at all, then a functional resume format is best for you.

Skills are very important in measuring hopefuls’ qualifications. All hiring managers want to hire someone who can meet the qualifications and submit requirements based on the standards set by the company. If you’re the applicant, emphasizing your skills can make you different from other aspirants. Whether these are communication skills, technical skills, or marketing skills, it is important to place only those relevant to the position you are applying for. Today, there is a tough competition in the job market and companies will search for the most qualified candidate by conducting a thorough screening process. The more competencies you possess, the more chance you’ll get hired

Types of skill

  • Communication prowess
  • Computer literacy
  • Time and management capacity
  • Problem solving ability
  • Leadership capability
  • Clinical proficiency
  • Analytical expertise

Sometimes, a functional resume can really do wonders in an application. While some employers traditionally want to see dates to know how the applicant has improved and continued to develop through the years, there are also some who do consider new graduates to fill in vacancies.

Some tips

If you have attended seminars or trainings that are somewhat relevant to the job post, it will help as additional factors for your application. You may also take advantage of your previous school participations and extra-curricular activities. Include the accomplishments and awards you have received during your school days. Or instead, describe difficult situations you have encountered and how you managed to overcome them.

If you are shifting into a different career or field, then you should consider presenting a functional resume. This is also an ideal tool in applying for volunteer works and other freewill activities. If you are a career woman before but having a gap in your employment history because of family matters or other personal reasons, this format of pre-employment document suits you.

Other things to consider

In creating an application summary, consider including the following sections: Personal Information, Objective Statement, Summary of Qualifications, Employment History, Educational Background, Affiliations, Certifications, and other Activities and Involvements. Do not forget to include the contact details so that the hiring manager can contact you right away. Avoid giving unnecessary pieces of information, such as hobbies or interest, political views, and religious beliefs.

Try to think of an objective statement that will help you stand out in the competition. Limit the objective to one sentence. Your qualifications summary must contain powerful descriptions about you as the most qualified candidate. If you have employment records, try to cut them down and write only those essential ones. The section allotted for your educational background will give the employer hints on what you have attained and earned. Do not forget to include the year you have completed your degree.

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