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when to fix my resume: tablet and ballpen
Resume Writing Tips

Learning from the Expert: Tips on When to Fix My Resume

You need experience to land a job, but as a recent graduate, companies won’t give you the chance to get what you need. So, how …

Christmas holiday job hunting
Job Search Needs

Awesome Tips to a Successful Job Hunting During the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to job hunting. It’s almost Christmas, are you now busy shopping for gifts – or searching the job market for opportunities? Employers …

well-dressed employees
Job Search Needs

Dress to Impress: What to Wear in a Job Interview

Most employers believe that people who dress appropriately for job interviews have more chances of success. Besides preparing for the job interview questions and tools, …

a lonely man looking sadly in a laptop after an interview gone wrong
Job Search Needs

The Five-Step Recovery for an Interview Gone Wrong

Ever got that frustrated feeling after a job interview gone wrong? Forgive yourself; it does happen even to the best people in their fields. For …

modern job search facts
Job Search Needs

5 Modern Job-Search Facts Every Applicant Should Know

The job search process has transformed over the last two decades. The Internet, for one, has transformed the way we apply for jobs these days. …

professional thinking
Career Tips

How to Improve and Apply Critical Thinking Skills in the Workplace

In a time of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, we tend to panic and become anxious. In these trying times, we have to make life-changing …

a woman planning to create her resume
Resume Writing Tips

Resume Sections: Present Your Details Like A Pro

With many companies reopening their businesses amid COVID-19, a lot of job hunters are seeing this silver lining to make ends meet. In the recent …

A cashier working now after placing cashier job description on her resume
Career Tips

How Can Job Descriptions Help Strengthen Your Cashier Resume

Not all jobs remain stable in the time of a pandemic. Yet, as people’s demand for food and other essentials grows during lockdowns, many stores …

A successful interview sealed with a hand shake because after gracefully answering illicit interview questions
Job Search Needs

How to Be an Appealing Job Candidate from the Best Resume Writers

The success of a job application doesn’t just rely on a job seeker’s written resume, qualifications, and interview responses. Your habits can also affect and …

a professional resume writer working in a resume writing company with professional resume writing services
Job Search Needs

What Makes Resume Prime’s Resume Writing Services Standout?

Indeed, written resumes affect a job hunter’s chance to land interviews and job prospects. When you finally decided to hire a professional resume writer to …

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