Job Search Needs

a recruiter reading a resume prepared by an online resume writing firm
Job Search Needs

Resume Prime’s Ultimate Guide to Help You Hire the Best Online Resume Writing Service This 2021

If you’re up for a promotion or raise, your employer may ask you to present your resume again even if you’ve been with the company …

Woman choosing among the resume types to use in front of a laptop
Job Search Needs

Differentiating Resume Types and Choosing What Suits Your Needs

For most job seekers, resume writing is the hardest part of their job search journey. It takes a lot of practice and requires knowledge of …

Job search tips on how to discuss disability in resume
Job Search Needs

Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Helen Keller, Nick Vujicic, Frida Kahlo, and Stephen Hawking are among the world’s best in their own fields, gaining them countless praises. They’ve changed the …

A successful interview sealed with a hand shake because after gracefully answering illicit interview questions
Job Search Needs

How to Be an Appealing Job Candidate from the Best Resume Writers

The success of a job application doesn’t just rely on a job seeker’s written resume, qualifications, and interview responses. Your habits can also affect and …

a professional resume writer working in a resume writing company with professional resume writing services
Job Search Needs

What Makes Resume Prime’s Resume Writing Services Standout?

Indeed, written resumes affect a job hunter’s chance to land interviews and job prospects. When you finally decided to hire a professional resume writer to …

shaking hands - job interview tips
Job Search Needs

Ultimate Guide to Acing an Executive-Level Job Interview

When a bigger job opportunity presents itself, taking the leap becomes a crucial part of your career journey. In an executive job interview, you must …

keyboards and a hand - resume writing business
Job Search Needs

Why Does a Resume Writing Business Thrive as An Industry?

The job market continues to be tougher every day. As another fresh batch of graduates joins the world of professionals this year, the competition in …

an employer shakes hands with his applicant after a successful salary negotiation
Job Search Needs

What You Should and Should Not Do in a Salary Negotiation

The best thing about nailing your job interview is getting into the salary negotiation part.  Your employer finally introduced you to the company’s policies, benefits, …

Woman trying to postpone a job offer
Job Search Needs

Ways of Postponing a Job Offer without Burning the Bridge

What if you receive two job offers on the same day? Or passed an interview in a firm when you’re still waiting for a result …

a man in suit ready for his interview and he uses job application tips
Job Search Needs

9 Job Application Tips: Your Game Plan for a Successful Search

Do you need to find a job with no idea where to start or uncertain of your quest because you’re not used to doing it? …

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